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Oct 2020
15 Min read

Building a diverse remote team with propel

Company Background
Founded in 2018, Korapay is a payment infrastructure company that offers ‘fintech-as-a-service’. Korapay allows businesses and institutions to scale faster by providing them with a robust and powerful core payment engine that eliminates the complications associated with simple and bulk transactions.
Working with Propel surpassed our expectation; we were surprised as to how much we could achieve in a short time, the consistency in quality work delivery and level of attention to detail.

Segun Isaac, CTO at Korapay

Just like most companies around the world, Korapay had to adopt a 100% remote policy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Culturally, this wasn’t norm for the company, putting the fast-growing African Fintech in uncharted territory. Coupled with increased customer expectations, the need for more support and product milestones fast approaching, it became imperative for Korapay to scale their engineering team and explore new ways of engaging developers.

Increasing Productivity with Diverse Distributed Teams

To surmount the challenges faced in sourcing, screening and recruiting developers, the tech team at Korapay turned to Hirefreehands for easy and ready access to competitive talent. Although the shift to remote by Korapay was purely a reactive one at the time, it has been extended and incorporated as a long-term engagement policy by the company.

Today, the engineering team at Korapay has adapted remote work policy as choice, attributing the decision to increased productivity during the initial pilot test-runs. Propel helps companies build and manage high performing, remote tech teams. We achieve this by connecting companies with dedicated and on-demand talent from the world-class African tech pool. At Propel, we ensure project workflow remains seamless with layered integrations all made possible through a single workstream channel - removing unnecessary overhead costs.

Layered Talent Progression Model

At the core of the success seen in our collaboration with Korapay, is our ‘Layered Talent Progression Model’, which ensures that freehands go through a rigorous verification and skill assessment procedure before gaining access to work - by progressing in a tiered manner while gaining competence and maintaining minimum thresholds.

This model ensured Korapay had access to pre-qualified and well-proven talent, reducing recruitment and onboarding bottlenecks.
This offered Korapay an opportunity to quickly integrate their existing project management system and establish a seamless communication channel between our freehands and their internal teams.

Today, our freehands are fully integrated into Korapay’s core engineering team workflow, handling various aspects of their product development and support remotely.
Reduced Korapay’s hiring time by over 70%, scaled up capacity and delivered more with scarce resources post shift to remote work.
Easy on-boarding: assembled a team in 5 days (more than 5x higher than the industry standard with a similar project requirement and budget.)
Easy on-boarding: assembled a team in 5 days (more than 5x higher than the industry standard with a similar project requirement and budget.)

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