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Community Network Growth Engine

With our Community-as-a-Service platform, we provide tech communities with the tools they need to thrive and connect deeper on a local level, so they can further drive the growth of their members.

Why Propel?
Layered Talent Progression Framework

By coupling smart assessment protocols with our tiered Work-Experience-Model, we are able to  drive deep data profiling on every individual in our ecosystem, to make intelligent matching decisions for companies across the world.


Laurin Hainy
Founder & CEO, fairmoney

“With Propel, we were able to deliver our robust payment platform for collections, disbursements and wallet services in under 6 months. The work delivered by our dedicated remote Freehands was top notch, the communication was seamless and we couldn’t have been happier with the overall experience”

Robin Eppling
Orange telecoms

“With the Propel project team, we were able to successfully test out a product hypothesis at low cost with minimal risk, and ready for scale.”

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